Research, Planning + Concept selection

During this phase, we define the precise model of our cooperation, we consider the needs of your hotel and guests, analyse valuable data, select the best Concept Spa for you, and outline each step in detail until project completion.

Selecting a model of cooperation: spa leasing or spa management

Aegeo Spas offers its partners clear and effective solutions. We provide two distinct cooperation models that meet the requirements of any hotelier. You can choose to either lease your spa facilities to us or assign the daily management and administration of the existing facilities to us, where we will take full responsibility for running the spa.
Selecting a model of cooperation: spa leasing or spa management

Under this model, you lease out your hotel’s spa facilities to Aegeo Spas, which then fully undertakes its operation, staffing, management and administration. This way you can devote your time to other aspects of your business, and simply enjoy the benefits and profits generated from your hotel spa.

SPA management

With 17 years of experience in spa management and operation, Aegeo Spas is your most reliable partner in running your hotel spa. Under this flexible form of cooperation, which you design according to your needs, you can assign us any role you like: from consulting or staffing services to fully running and managing your spa. You select the areas where you need our support.


Needs Assessment & Facility Survey

In order to understand the requirements of your company in depth and propose the most comprehensive solutions that will meet those requirements, we perform a qualitative and quantitative study of the guests and survey the potential of each area. Our aim is to propose the right concepts and present you with a clear strategy that will help your business grow.
Needs Assessment & Facility Survey

Concept selection

After 17 years in the wellness industry and 220 partnerships with luxury hotels in Greece and abroad, we have acquired the necessary experience and a strong market sense of domestic and international trends. Guided by our belief in the merits of the customised approach, we have created a wide range of distinct concepts which can be adapted to your needs to enhance the hospitality experience you offer your guests.
Concept selection

Ideal for hotels with guests who are ardent supporters of wellness, with high standards and interest in enjoying local experiences.

  • 5*+ Hotels
  • Exceptional level of luxury
  • Guest Advisor
  • Preparation of diet plans in cooperation with the hotel

Ideal for hotels seeking to upgrade their offering by including high-quality wellness services.

  • 4* and 5* Hotels
  • Hammam, Sauna & Jacuzzi
  • Cryotherapy
  • Indoor pool
  • Dark Room

Ideal for hotels wishing to focus on the beneficial properties of thalassotherapy.

  • 4* and 5* Hotels
  • Thalassotherapy pool
  • Special treatments

Ideal for mountain resorts or hotels catering to winter tourism. Each concept (facilities, services and product recommendations) is developed according to the needs of the hotel and its guests to achieve the ultimate wellness experience.

  • 4* and 5* Hotels
  • Design of services for winter athletes
  • Specialised requirements

Ideal for seasonal hotels wishing to provide smart wellness services in the form of a Gazebo.

  • 4* and 5* Hotels
  • Selection of the ideal location
  • Bringing guests closer to the natural environment
  • Closed or open construction design
  • Hotels with or without spa facilities
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